Call for Fundraising Help

We’d absolutely love some help with some upcoming fundraising….

Christmas Raffle 

Our christmas raffle was such a success last year that we thought we’d do one again this year. If you or your business have any prizes you are able to donate we’d be very grateful. Additionally, if you have an hour or 2 and may be able to help us with approaching local businesses for prizes we’d be very grateful! I appreciate Christmas is still a little way off but it will creep up on us very fast!

Evening event

Would you be willing to organise an evening or weekend fundraiser for us for this term? This could be a movie night, halloween party or disco for the children, a cheese and wine event, gin evening or race night for the adults, a family quiz night, a sponsored event or anything you fancy!! 

Buy a brick

We are hoping to launch a ‘buy a brick’ campaign and would love help approaching each of the businesses on our industrial estate to see if they may like to participate. There are a lot of businesses to approach, so a small team to help with this would be amazing. If this is something you may be able to help with please let us know.